Wow, really IBM Blue Mix and Jazz = Cocoa POD; What Happened to Lotus Approach it Works


Yes I need to change platforms and I’m not having a good go at it.

I have used Lotus Approach since 1997 and  since Windows 7  & 8. There is a new and wonderful fulfillment with Approach. Its Fast, APR’s are huge and development is rapid and structure is reliability hard to beat.  Unlike the wisdom of Mr. Watson, a good, very good product Approach is shelved.

Instead you recommend me to move back to the 70’s dealing with a newer version of JCL and its new name IBM BlueMix and Jazz with Rational. Since Friday I been downloading, with the help of “IBM Manager” scrambling the eggs, I have yet been able to run anything without IBM’s crash codes interfering.   So I say CRAP and why, why, why.

Man, nothing works I have 100+ customers with Lotus Approach and for now I can’t change. I’m finishing up my own SQL in Lotus Script.  For now, I am stuck.  My software with Lotus Approach is seamless, my customers don’t know if I am desktop based or web based because I make them both seamless!  Every customer I have is truly a small businesses, a million bucks a year or less.

So you can try to get me to understand what you brains are attempting to do so be it, if not I won’t stop with Lotus Approach and Lotus Freelance Graphics.

I just stopped complaining and signed in to Bluemix, Bluemix asked me for…. Crap, $%#@ Cocoa Pods, “really”? said Mr. Watson! Where am I, in the jungle? Mr. Watson wants to know? Is he to Mix up some Cocoa Pods and play some Jazz? “Really.”

This letter to IBM is so good. maybe I will [blog] publish it!


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