a database software application for Medical Cannabis for Dispensaries * Collectives * Caregivers

Welcome Caregivers!

Do we have a wonderful software application for caregivers. Caregivers can track the patient’s product from Clone to Invoice.  Its friendly simple to use and monitors each stage of plant growth including drying, invoicing and manifest. Need to check it out.!

More info coming soon…   P.I.G. [Plants In Grow]


I need beta testers call us today or email me Gil Wall, The master since 2010. Publisher of From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to sale.

Beta Testers we will send you the software via your email and provide you with our book and the software application with instruction on providing feed back.  The beta application, Caregivers Application is yours to keep.

We will have a naming for this application just before its finial build.  Application updates will be provided during the beta testing stages too.

Call me Gil Wall @ 720-254-4465 Mobile or on Skype @ 928-444-8187.  Email: Gilmwall@msn.com or use the simple form below.



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