I, am a Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Army Signal Corps with a few months shy of 5 years of service.  As a Civilian, my first job was at the University of Colorado, Computing Center in Boulder, Colorado, as a customer engineer with Control Data Corporation.  In the late 70’s, a company called VIATRON was not making the millions fast enough to support stockholders and R&D. Well, I loved that goofy little machine and its gadgets, “VIATRON”, the first microcomputer built for commercial and government use. VIATRON, I believe, was the first small machine to utilize the primary silicon and ceramic microprocessor chip set designed by Fairchild’s Semiconductor Corporation.  So, I bought up $10,000 of surplus systems and parts and started out on my own.  That was good times for our family.  Next, came the era of the S100 bus computers.  Those times were also good for us until the IBM PC choked the life out of the S100 computer systems running CP/M OS, causing it to lay in dormant.
I went back to the corporate world, starting with Gemini Information Systems, where I worked my way up to Systems Programmer.  After Gemini, I hired on with UNISYS Corporation, as a Systems Analyst and worked my way up to Systems Analyst III.  While still with UNISYS, I worked several special assignment government jobs on the East coast.  My last few working years, I did some contract work for Capital VIP Protection, at Howard University; Winthrop Corporation, MCI and other companies. gwall@waasoft.com


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