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The business of Retailing Cannabis for Caregivers

We have the Only technical book about “The business of retailing Cannabis Marijuana”. We explain the software platforms that are used today. Created, installed, sold over 400 to dispensaries. We are privately owned Read the book… at
Since April of 2010 we were the first to show a functional application written just for the sale of Medical Cannabis (Marijuana). Now the market if full of confusing applications. We are now targeting a untap market where Caregivers need help in tracking and invoicing their patients. Please join us today sign up for your BETA copy for Caregivers. Seed to Invoice. No cost for the BETA copy including your input and two updates. Then if you like this software tool. you can be the first to purchase the production release. We will be looking of a product name. So, jump on board today.


Gil Wall


a database software application for Medical Cannabis for Dispensaries * Collectives * Caregivers

Welcome Caregivers!

Do we have a wonderful software application for caregivers. Caregivers can track the patient’s product from Clone to Invoice.  Its friendly simple to use and monitors each stage of plant growth including drying, invoicing and manifest. Need to check it out.!

More info coming soon…   P.I.G. [Plants In Grow]


I need beta testers call us today or email me Gil Wall, The master since 2010. Publisher of From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to sale.

Beta Testers we will send you the software via your email and provide you with our book and the software application with instruction on providing feed back.  The beta application, Caregivers Application is yours to keep.

We will have a naming for this application just before its finial build.  Application updates will be provided during the beta testing stages too.

Call me Gil Wall @ 720-254-4465 Mobile or on Skype @ 928-444-8187.  Email: or use the simple form below.


Wow, really IBM Blue Mix and Jazz = Cocoa POD; What Happened to Lotus Approach it Works


Yes I need to change platforms and I’m not having a good go at it.

I have used Lotus Approach since 1997 and  since Windows 7  & 8. There is a new and wonderful fulfillment with Approach. Its Fast, APR’s are huge and development is rapid and structure is reliability hard to beat.  Unlike the wisdom of Mr. Watson, a good, very good product Approach is shelved.

Instead you recommend me to move back to the 70’s dealing with a newer version of JCL and its new name IBM BlueMix and Jazz with Rational. Since Friday I been downloading, with the help of “IBM Manager” scrambling the eggs, I have yet been able to run anything without IBM’s crash codes interfering.   So I say CRAP and why, why, why.

Man, nothing works I have 100+ customers with Lotus Approach and for now I can’t change. I’m finishing up my own SQL in Lotus Script.  For now, I am stuck.  My software with Lotus Approach is seamless, my customers don’t know if I am desktop based or web based because I make them both seamless!  Every customer I have is truly a small businesses, a million bucks a year or less.

So you can try to get me to understand what you brains are attempting to do so be it, if not I won’t stop with Lotus Approach and Lotus Freelance Graphics.

I just stopped complaining and signed in to Bluemix, Bluemix asked me for…. Crap, $%#@ Cocoa Pods, “really”? said Mr. Watson! Where am I, in the jungle? Mr. Watson wants to know? Is he to Mix up some Cocoa Pods and play some Jazz? “Really.”

This letter to IBM is so good. maybe I will [blog] publish it!


Remember buy the book! Retailing Cannabis, From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to Sale


 Who we are WAA (Wall and Associates of Colorado) SIMS (Station Information Management Systems) Since 1989.  Boys, and still at it. At 64 life continues meaning working too. As my Social worker in mental health at the VA explained, “without work, doing what you know will shorten your memory and your life.” So I create different stuff  that stuff is software.  So far in my professional life I’ve had four super hits out of a thousand tries! I like to look at my work as art.  My are is in the design software, systems database applications. It all began while in grade school me and my sister took summer art classes from our art teacher at school he taught the basic structures like in school but in greater detail.  The strokes, ovals, circles and basic geometry of figures. My sister Cass continued in the art and is a accomplished artist in Ohio.  Those 3 or 4 summer studies had a positive impact on both of us.

Figure 3 - US Army 1970-71 SSDP Pleiku, Vietnam

Figure 3 – US Army 1970-71 SSDP Pleiku, Vietnam ADP Repairman AUTODIN



Read before you buy – the only book explaining how to manage a Cannabis Dispensary and Cultivation Center including a great software package that  is purchased not rented every month.

Living the dream baby!

From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to Sale – Retailing Cannabis

In this business we are among the first!

1st Colorado Software Company to install a working Cannabis Point of Sale at Apothecary of Colorado April 2010.

1st to publish an instructional guide on ‘how to’ manage a Cannabis Dispensary and Cultivation Center.



From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to Sale – Retailing Cannabis Instructional Guide and Software Applications, including over 500 reports and forms.


The State of Colorado is to be commended for a solid investment in procedures, inspectors and reports. Their involvement with respect for the properties of the drug and its patients, has put Colorado in the forefront and demonstrates that Marijuana use, (Cannabis) is about legalization of a natural flower and how Cannabis can be safe with regulation, just like alcohol. Thanks to the citizens of Colorado for passing Amendment 64, opening an emerging market that can bring a logical management program for legal cannabis dispensaries, collectives, retail outlets, specialty shops and cultivation facilities that will be studied by other States. This book is different, our focus is on the business of retail management; not the plants, strains, THC and other properties. We discuss and show in words, images, instruction, and state reporting with software guidelines, the “how to” for Retailing Cannabis. provides another software solution for small businesses.


Purchase our book, and use it as a working guide.  We cover all the requirements: State forms and data format forms,  tax data entry forms, data edit report formats, accounting, patient/client tracking charts, and controlled substance inventory reports and tracking; as well as covering Point of Sale, Merchandise Inventory and Cultivation RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management Systems).

At, we provide an opportunity to purchase a book that gives you the inside details on how to manage and operate a dispensary and cultivation facility.  Purchase  our book “From Seed to Harvest and Harvest to Sale – Retailing Cannabis” with 461 pages, over 60,000 characters and more than 500 illustrations; all about how to manage a Dispensary Centers and Cultivation Facilities . Like the book?  Buy the software product!

Can’t beat the price, power or performance.