Retailing Cannabis

Wall and Associates of Colorado

Procedural guide for Medical Marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers & “The Book

 Our Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) grow, cultivation, store, patients, customers, distribution and sales, electronic management is designed to be in legal compliance for individual states. WAAMCD is based on Colorado Medical Marijuana laws and the latest amendment for recreation marijuana (based on Colorado Amendment


64). WAAMCD is a procedural software tool and guide for accounting, reporting, Schedule I inventory control, patient assignment and charting, point of sale and sales tax compilation, from seed to final harvest and production-to patient’s sales and use tax reporting.  This document includes reports, transportation manifests, form layouts and schema definitions; examples and printed narratives are also described.

Our intent

To provide procedures and optional software for Dispensaries, Collectives, Cultivation Centers, and Retail Outlets that cater to medical marijuana patients and recreational folks 21 years and older – this guide is an informative overview of how procedures and software will grow business through regulation compliance with accounting techniques similar to a community pharmacy and indoor cultivation warehouse.  A Marijuana or Cannabis business can be very rewarding.  Not only are you providing an organic herbal medicine that has been tried and has proven for its dramatic health benefits over thousands of years in many world cultures, but you are helping some people who have suffered for many years without relief until introduced to Medical Marijuana.  It’s a business where new hires start at $10.00 an hour.  Your business takes off from here, growing, harvesting, sales, reporting, taxes and profits with 365 days a year and a new harvest every 119 days.  IRS gets paid 35% of the gross income (gross for some companies, while some businesses pay IRS 35% of the net income) and the States sales tax have had a welcome increase as well.  Dispensary owners take in profits that haven’t been seen in a long time for small businesses.  Street Marijuana sales have dropped in Colorado, imports from Mexico, smuggled in bricks have dropped so much that cartels are turning the corner on a different crop to grow.  What is it? Read on…April 4, 2013   site:  Cannabis losing ground to heroin/poppy in Mexico…


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